Healthy French home made food to share with friends and family.

About Me

About me

I am Caroline, I am French and grew up in Paris and moved to London about 21 years ago where I found love and married a Brit in 2001,  so am stuck here now!!! My only escape is if the Home Office doesn’t approve my permanent residency and kicks me out!!! Just kidding… I am happily married and looove London and my British fellow compatriots. We have three lovely children, a daughter and two sons.

After having worked for 15 years in the Banking industry until 2008, I stopped working because of my second child being diagnosed with his disability and reflecting upon what I have learnt through this "disability" journey, I do not want to go back to a Corporate role but instead want to invest myself in something more meaningful, more human, more dedicated to others. I started studying Counselling at the beginning of the year and have passed Level 2 Counselling Skills so I'm super happy! I am continuing into Level 3 in September. I love it and find it very fulfilling, it is about my self-development journey and about learning how to become a Counsellor in the future, to hopefully help other families who have gone through the same hurdles and pains as us.

The family

 Our second child, Alex, was sadly diagnosed with cerebral palsy, epilepsy and delayed development about 10 years ago. Life doesn’t prepare you for the roller-coaster of emotions that unravelled raising a special needs kid. We inevitably had ups and downs but Alex is now 13 and despite his difficulties he is always smiling and has a demoniac sense of humour. He is our brave little soldier and we love him to bits. I haven’t worked for the past 10 years or so to devote my time to Alex and our other two children, Charlotte and Raphael.

Why create my french foodie?

The past 12-18 months, I have realised that I need more in life than just be a wife and mother (which is already a full time job of course!). Have any of you ever had the same feelings? Approaching the mid-40's and still young (yes we are!), you realise that you can still achieve loads. In my case I needed to get my own identity back (after identifying myself solely as the mother of Alex, the disabled son), create something that I would be proud of, invest time in a project where I can nourish and fulfil my soul.

Cooking for my friends and family is a passion for me, I am constantly tearing out recipes in magazines, looking at cookery books, watching recipes on Youtube, so I figured out that what would make me happy is to share my home cooking with you. I hope you will enjoy it too, bon appetit!!!