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Cheese Raclette

Cheese Raclette

It is so cold out there that I got the cheese raclette grill out of the cellar and pretended we were in the French Alps! Raclette is a traditional dish eaten in the mountains in France and Switzerland. It consists of melting raclette cheese under the grill and pouring it on top of steamed potatoes. It is accompanied by a selection of cured meats, ham, saucisson, and of course cornichons/pickles and little pickled onions. I sprinkled my cheesy potatoes with sweet smoked paprika which was lovely.

Did you know that the word raclette¬†is a French word and it means “racler” or scrape? When you eat raclette, you scrape the melted cheese with a little wooden spatula onto your plate.

It is a very convivial dinner party. Enjoy!

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