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Mincemeat, cranberry & almond pie

Mincemeat, cranberry & almond pie

It is a delicious Mincemeat, cranberry & almond pie from December 2018 issue. This was very Christmassy and a bit different from individual mince pies. It was very easy to do and delicious if you like mincemeat and marzipan.

My ingredients

➡️ 500gr shortcrust pastry

➡️ 150gr Marzipan, grated

➡️ 500gr mincemeat

➡️ 100gr cranberries

➡️ Icing sugar to dust the cake 

Cut the pastry in two. With one part roll it out and place into a tin.
Scatter the Marzipan on the pie base.
Add mincemeat, and cranberries.
Roll out the other pastry and slice it in long stripes. Weave the strips over the pie to create a lattice.
Chill for 20’ and put in the oven for 40-45 minutes at 180 degrees.
Wait until cool to transfer to a board and dust with icing sugar.

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