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My own-style Tuna Nicoise

My own-style Tuna Nicoise

My own-style of Tuna Niçoise Salad (but no potatoes and eggs so can I still call it a Nicoise?). I put lots of rocket salad at the bottom of the plates, then thinly sliced fennel bulb and a few halved cherry tomatoes. I added a drizzle of olive oil on it.

I then pan fried the tuna steak for only 2 minute on each side in a bit of olive oil and added 1tsp of nigella seeds.

I also blitzed half a jar of pitted green olives with a tin of anchovies, 2tbsp lime juice, 2tbsp olive oil and lots of parsley. I added a dollop of the anchovy mixture on the tuna and that was absolutely delicious. Careful as it can be very salty so maybe 3-4 anchovies would be enough.

Enjoy! and a glass of crisp white wine and a piece of fresh bread to accompany it!

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