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Poke Bowls

Poke Bowls

This is my idea of a perfect lunch, a healthy Poke Bowl, full of goodness, packed with vitamins, and super delicious.

You can literally put anything you fancy, I always make sure to add some protein to keep my energy levels up for the rest of the day (that prevents me from nibbling away the kids' snacks when they come home after school!) and some grains/pulses, vegetables (raw or cooked), seeds, herbs, and sometimes some fresh fruit. 

I also add to my Poke Bowls any leftovers in the fridge (for example roasted veggies from the night before, or leftover cooked pulses..) as I do not throw food away. It's a good way to use your leftovers.

Below are the latest Poke Bowls I prepared for my lunches so I hope it will give you some inspiration. Don't hesitate to share your feedback and thoughts.


My first salmon poke bowl!!! I will definitely do it again as it was delicious, very healthy and easy to assemble.

First I chopped my salmon in cubes and marinated it for 15 minutes with a marinade adapted from : 1tbsp almond butter, 1tbsp mustard, 1tbsp miso paste, 2tbsp sesame oil, 2-3tbsp lime juice, grated ginger and half a bouquet of coriander.

I then pan fried the salmon cubes for only 3-4 minutes.

In my bowl, I put some spinach at the bottom, then added a few cauliflower florets, sliced Romano peppers, grated carrot, half avocado , the salmon and a bit of the leftover marinade.

That Poke Bowl had brown rice (microwave pouch), edamame beans (full of fibre apparently), sliced Romano pepper, beetroot, smoked salmon and a fig.

My dressing is miso paste, sesame oil, lime juice and black sesame seeds. 

In that colourful bowl, I put sliced Romano pepper, Le Puy lentils, red camargue rice with edamame beans, half avocado, leftover roasted butternut squash, and Scottish salmon flakes.

My dressing is miso paste, honey, rice vinegar, grated fresh ginger, sesame oil, lime juice and black sesame seeds.

To brighten up the day, that bowl had grated carrots, finely sliced red cabbage, sliced mushrooms and pepper, smoked salmon, lots of coriander and a few walnuts.

My dressing was a lemon, mustard and olive oil with a pinch of sea salt. It was fresh, tasty, feel good lunch

I love salmon sashimi and there is a fresh sushi counter at my local where I bought the sashimi, and I also added shredded red cabbage, gems lettuce, half avocado, couple of cherry tomatoes and leftover roasted parsnips.

I added olive oil, balsamic glaze and salt and pepper for my seasoning.

That poke bowl had leftover quinoa, chopped red chicory, avocado, 2 small leftover boiled new potatoes, 3 sliced mushrooms, a handful of pomegranate seeds and a lemony mustard vinaigrette.


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