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The world on a plate with the kids

For the past 8-10 years whenever we were eating out with the kids, we were naturally going to as it's so child friendly and they have the crayons, drawings, affordable and tasteful kids' menus... all designed for families. But my husband and I became so bored eating the same pizza or salad each time. We needed something more fun and different.

We came up with the idea of discovering the world in a plate! I don't know if you know the book "The World Came to my Place Today" from Dr Jo Readman (click on book image for an Amazon link) but my children enjoy reading it and we were inspired by it, whereby the concept is to discover where the food we are eating comes from in the world.


We went one step further and decided to go and experience cuisines of the world in the city we live in. We put the names of 30 countries in a jar and each week one of the children would pull out one of the pieces of paper. Having chosen the country, my daughter then had the task of researching that particular country: capital, population, religion and other important facts including, of course, the culinary specialities. She would then give us a mini presentation showing us exactly where the country was on the globe and then off to the restaurant of that particular country. We are so lucky as in London you can find a restaurant for almost every country in the world.

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing with you our different dining experiences around the world. So far we have pulled out of the jar 

South Korea Iran Caribbean  
USA China Vietnam  
Lebanon Ethiopia Argentina  
England Greece Mexico  
Bangladesh Italy Peru  
Japan Thailand Libya  

I am very proud with the children for being so open minded and willing to experience new cuisines, new tastes, spices, textures and smells. And children are so lucky nowadays as they don't have to travel far to be able to try international cuisines. When I grew up, our only option was French, French or again French restaurants.... could be worse I know!

List of Countries Visited (not all countries have been uploaded yet...sorry!)